My very first book signing event in Canada

I am very excited to go to Canada next month for a book signing event. I am so excited that one of my favorite author Ms. Chelle Bliss is attending. I really adore and loved her books. I have read most of her books. Meeting her in person is a dream come true for a book reader like me.

 photo RTF shirt A_zps2hecdhcc.jpg
We have this shirt available to order for the said event. I ordered mine but need to send it back. The design of the shirt is beautiful. I do not like the size and it is way too big on me. I am very excited to get a different style and size. It should be there before the book event.

 photo RTF shirt_zps6dgcnwfz.jpg
My husband will drive me to Canada. I am not sure if two of my kids will come with us. I know that my daughter will come. She is always my side kick with the book events I attended in our local library. She even wanted to own her shirt from the said event.

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  1. What a great opportunity to finally your favorite author, it’s rare for us to have seen them in person, unless we truly go to the event where they are are and see them. Good luck and have fun.

  2. Wow sis, visiting Canada for a book signing! That must be thrilling! I remember my first Arts and Craft expo in Maryland few weeks ago but it rained so we had to go home. Such a bummer but the feeling of attending something that excites me is a wonderful feeling. I bet, you’re so excited now! I’m very happy for you sis. You love meeting authors anyway so this event suits you to a T!

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