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Single mother Laura Walters had her life under control. She had a jewelry business, a generous best friend and a careful watch on her nine-year-old daughter, Emily. Then, Emily is seen on national television with Vic, the man who could tear their world apart. With one thirty second news clip, Laurel’s life turns into a tailspin. The paparazzi chase her. Two men from her past want her: Vic is a former lover. Kyle a former friend. They both know her secret, and either one could ruin the careful life Laurel built for herself and Emily.

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Faced with no other option, Laurel turns to Kyle to protect her and her life with Emily. But just as Laurel and Kyle are beginning to trust each other, they learn of shocking betrayals they each have been hiding. Some secrets are made to be broken. Some secrets never should be. But how does Laurel learn which ones are which? Truths Not Spoken is the debut novel by promising new author Pamela T. Starr. It is a must-read for every woman who balances her dreams of love with a man with the needs of her child. Truths Not Spoken shows readers that yes, dreams can come true.

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I rated this book 5 *****’s

A roller coaster of emotions 
I have not experienced raising a child by myself though I witnessed my three sisters raised their kids at a young age. It is not very easy but my nieces/nephews did alright now. My sisters went too many rough times raising their kids by themselves. The kids father are no show up and no support at all. 
I understand Laura’s over protectiveness to protect Emily especially signing the contract. I am so glad that she has a very supportive best friend. Laura is one tough single Mom until the chaos came back into their lives. 

Truths Not Spoken is a book full of roller coaster emotions. I really loved this book. It has twist that you never expected to happen. Betrayal and lies are one of those emotions that are hard to tackle. This book has the romance that was hidden but now blossom into beautiful relationship. Truth hurts but it will set you free.  

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Author’s Bio:

Pamela T. Starr has been recognized as an outstanding new author with a promising future. Truths Not Spoken is the first in her Shifting Sands series, all set in her home state of Florida.

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An accomplished trainer and public speaker, Pamela has motivated more than 60,000 people at live presentations and workshops. She has also logged more than 30 hours of live national television appearances.

Pamela is inspired by the two men in her life. The one she mothers is still young enough to be excited by life and the many opportunities he discovers. The one who is her life-long partner is old enough to know that life is an adventure and he embraces it every day.

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What advice would you give budding writers?

Truths Not Spoken is my first published novel, so I feel like I’m still a budding writer myself.  But the best advice I can give is: Just Start It.  

This is an attitude I’ve taken with a lot of things in my life.  It’s clearly a rip off of Nike’s famous slogan, but there are times when “doing something” still seems way too intimidating for me.  That’s why I tell myself to just start.  Start anywhere. Start in the middle.  Start at the end.  Just get something down on my computer, on paper, on my smart phone, wherever.  

Starting can be scary for some people. My advice is take your ego out of the way and don’t worry if your writing is good or not.  Starting is a huge accomplishment!  You’ll never finish if you don’t start.

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

I was single and dating for a long time, so a lot of my funny experiences come from dating mishaps.  They didn’t always seem funny at the time, but with a bit of distance, I can laugh at them (usually.)

About ten years go I was on a first date with a man who took me to dinner at a very expensive restaurant—the kind that made me feel a bit intimidated (the restaurant, not the man.)  We were walking through the parking lot when something flew right into my eye!  I collapsed on the ground, horrified at the fact that there was a bug in my eye, but even more horrified at the fact that Mr. Extravagant was watching me wail on the ground.  

Once I was able to communicate what happened, he pulled me over to a street light, tipped my face up and very gently fished the bug out.  The moment we got inside the restaurant, I bolted for the ladies room.  My eye was red and watering and my eye makeup streamed down my face, with no hope of resurrection.

Mr. Extravagant was very kind to me throughout the dinner and even called me a few days later.  But for some reason the spark I hoped for just never materialized.   

I have a feeling this story is one that is going to make its way into one of my future books.  I just hope it ends better for my future heroine than it did for me!

Do you write every day?

When I was writing Truths Not Spoken, I wrote almost every day.  I had a weekly word count goal and I broke it down into daily chunks.  Sometimes I’d feel especially inspired and would meet my weekly goal ahead of time, then I’d give myself a day off.

Now, I’m in the fun brainstorming stage of my next book.  I’m not writing every day, but I am making notes.  My plan is to get back to business in May.  When I do, I’ll start with my weekly goal again.  Hopefully I’ll be as productive with the new book as I was with the last one!

Do you belong to any writers groups?

When I decided to get serious about Truths Not Spoken, I joined a writers group.  For about six months, I sat in the meetings, hardly saying anything.  I just wanted to absorb everything I could from the other writers.  I also took a class at a local college.  I learned a lot from the instructor, but even more from the other students.  When the semester was over, one of the students organized a critique group.  That group was great because we all were just starting out, so it was easier to share my writing with other aspiring authors.  

Name a quirky thing you like to do.

I love to read cook books and watch cooking shows, even though I’m not a great cook.  I have a secret fantasy about being a fabulous cook, but can’t ever seem to bother actually trying new recipes.  Sometimes I go as far as making a grocery list, but when I get to the store and realize I need ¼ teaspoon of some exotic (and expensive!) spice that I’ll never use again, I scratch all the ingredients off my list and go back to my old standards.  

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