When You’re Fantasy Life Gets Real


Sometimes I project myself into the romance novels I read.  I imagine being caught up in the arms of a strong alpha hero, letting all reason melt away as I succumb to his nibbling on my lip.  I find myself thinking about how I’d look if I should turn my head and see my reflection in the mirror in the master  suite in his mansion.  And incredibly, each time I’m wearing one of those cute little side-ruched bikini’s from LOFT.  The fact that it’s a bikini tells me it’s a fantasy.  There’s no way I’d be wearing one of those, but…back to the fantasy.  

The scene morphs to the long driveway of a Great Gatsby-like chateau where cars pull up and valets open the doors revealing the posh guests, dripping in diamonds and furs.  I’m already out of the car waiting for my secret lover to ascend the stairs.  I’m on the far end of the balcony, dressed in a sheer top and thigh high boots, nothing at all like the staid matrons getting out of their chauffeur driven cars.  He spots me and finds an excuse to send his wife on and makes his way to my side.  He can barely keep his hands off me.  I feel his hot breath and smoldering eyes take in the Loft apparel I’m wearing.  “You look beautiful tonight.” He whispers into my ear and moves on.  We play cat and mouse all evening… Finally, he hands me his cell phone which has the Groupon app pulled up.  I see you got that look for less, he says, and drifts off.  

Then I realize what I really need to do is get up and start shopping for my trip to the lake.  Fortunately, I’m a Groupon shopper and know just where to go to find all the items I want to refresh my wardrobe for the coming season.   In less time than it takes to read a chapter of one of my steamy novels, I’ve purchased all the items I need from LOFT, and have saved tons of money using Groupons.

My fantasy lover was right about one thing, I can save a lot of money when I use Groupons to shop for the clothes I love at LOFT.  You can save 40% off site-wide, get free shipping with a qualifying purchase, and do it all from your smart phone or other mobile device.  Now if they just had one of those hot alpha heroes I could special order…

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