Surprised treats from the husband on Valentines Day

It is time of the month for me. I am grumpy an in pain because of the cramps. My husband greeted me a “Happy Valentines”. I told him I do not have a card for you. He said that is fine.

 photo Valentines day treat.jpg
He left and went to the grocery store while I am cleaning the house. He called me from the store if I need something. I said I am good and took a shower. He came home and was surprised to see this Valentines treats on top of the bookshelves.

My husband is not romantic but he is thoughtful. He brought me flowers, chocolates and a card. He also brought our daughter a teddy bear and card. I am glad that he always include our daughter especially if it is Valentines.

How was your Valentines Day. Hope you had fun with the love of your life.

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  1. What a thoughtful hubby he is! I loved that he also gave a Valentine’s gift for your daughter. That is a nice way to show your daughter what to expect from a good husband, that when she is grown up and married, she should expect nothing less.

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