Reckless Abandon Book By Elle Luckett

Book: Reckless Abandon
Author: Elle Luckett
Genre: Erotic Romance/BDSM
Nixie Fitzgerald is locked in a prison of her own making.
After her failed marriage, she built too many walls to let her guard down completely. There was no satisfaction in the few relationships she managed to have after the divorce, and going further than the third interaction takes trust – something Nixie will never give to a man freely again. The scars of her past run too deeply.
When Jackson Hancock enters her world in a tempestuous crash of chaos, he shakes the very foundation Nixie has built, and she has no choice but to open her eyes and see the formidable man for what he is. There is no hiding from Jackson or his intense and demanding nature, and she’s no longer sure that she wants to. Everything Nixie thought she knew is challenged, and her well thought out plans for the future are replaced with a rocky path of uncertainty.
Can Jackson finally bring down Nixie’s mental walls of pain and doubt, infiltrate her heart and ask her to give herself over to him in Reckless Abandon, or will Nixie’s past finally catch up with her and destroy everything?

Yes! Sir I rated this book 5 *****’s 

Trust is hard to earn 

Wow! Where will I start my review. I just finished reading Reckless Abandon few minutes ago. My apology from the author and the book blog tour as it took me few days to finish reading the book. This book is oh so good. Though I am not into BDSM, Master Jackson and Nixie will guide you through the pain and pleasure from their relationship. 

Trust is an important lesson that I learned while reading this book. Though trust is hard to earn, you have to put effort, heart and soul once the person gave you that power. This book is so hot. You need to take a cold shower and bring your toys out. I knew I played mine twice. You just cannot help yourself but relieve the tingling out.

This book is so emotional, intense, wild and suspense. You might need a box of Kleenex  near you as those emotions will get through you. You will adore your fury friends more too. The book is hard to put it down. It is so good. My very first time to read the author’s writing and am looking forward to more of Jack and Nixie story. 


I received the ARC from the book blog tour that I am part of. 

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Meet The Author
Elle Luckett was born in Houston, mainly in the mind of L.J. Stock. As the darker side of a generally light personality, she became the voice that would tell lustful stories, something born from a very vivid imagination and an amass of characters with some interesting habits and tastes.




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