The Letter:Dear Michael Book By Theresa Sederholt

Book: The Letter: Dear Michael

Author: Theresa Sederholt

Genre: Contemporary Romance

He thought his life was perfect. He was ready to take the next step: get married  and eventually start a family. Then, a “Dear John” letter and the unearthing of a deeply buried secret turn his dream into a nightmare.
A product of rape.
A family with hidden enemies.
A bank account with more zeros than can be deemed natural.
Michael’s hope of a life without limitations seems too far out of reach to ever be truly realized.  The pressure of family, safety, and secrets is overwhelming. Everyone turns to him, but who can he turn to?
“When you step outside the box, you never know who might want to dance with you.”

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Dagen is a type A personality who doesn’t let her own insecurities allow others to pull the wool over her eyes. However, they have boxed her in, limiting her life experiences.

That is, until Michael comes along and tries to convince her to step out of her comfort zone. It’s then that he realizes they have that in common; he needs to step out too.
They both learn that when two hearts are searching for each other, nothing and no one can stand in the way. That is until Michael’s life hangs in the balance.
A face from Michael’s past might hold the key to his future.

But what kind of hoops have to be jumped through to get that key?

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 I rated this book 5 *****’s

 This book blown my mind away. 

When the book is so good that you do not want to put it down, this book is. I read it until midnight, if only I do not need to wake up and work early. I could read the entire night but have no choice but to put my Nook down and charge it.

Michael is far the richest male character I EVER read in the book. This guy not only filthy rich but is so humble. I wonder if he is real, another Dagen will be lucky to pamper his love and his wealth as well. 

This book is so emotional, funny and of course very hot. If you love European country like the Scotland, then you will enjoy reading this book. Not only you’ll be interested in the locations but gives an insight about castle and stuff. 

This book is full of family love and closeness which I loved though his Uncles are super protective for his own good and safety. 

Dagen is very independent, successful and funny as heck. There are so many laugh out loud and intense moments that will blown your mind away. I so loved reading this book by the author. She did an amazing job. I cannot wait to read her other writings.


I received the ARC of the book in exchange of my honest review.  

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Author Bio

I was born in Brooklyn New York. I am old enough to know there is no luggage rack on the hearse. I am married to a Professional Chef.
I have a son who is a Research Chemist and a wine maker. Yep I’m covered from the food to the drinks. I have 2 dogs Vito and Godiva.
I live in the United States. I’ve had so many different jobs, even I can’t keep count.
I believe if you give a girl espresso and Nutella she can change the world!

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