Today mark my 14 year since I arrived in America

California (San Francisco) is my first port of entry. I was held in the immigration asking for one document. Good thing that I knowhow to answer that question. It was a 13 hours flight from Philippines (Manila) to San Francisco California. It was also my first international flight and no clue how long the fight and what to expect when I arrived in America.

I came with a K1 or fiancée visa. I have to stay until 90 days and go back to my country if I do not get married with my fiancée. Georgia (Atlanta) is my second US State and New York (Buffalo) my final destination. I still remember it was 34 degrees outside. It felt like you were inside the freezer. I left from 90 degrees weather and arrived to 34 degrees. It was indeed a shock to my body.

Life changes since then. One thing that will never change is, this girl will always stay humble and remembers where she comes from.

I have learned so much from the past 14 years. Being independent is one of them. You have to be strong, have faith in God to survive without your family helping you by your side. You have to learn how to fight and deal with circumstances. I have met some amazing friends and stay loyal to them. I become a bookworm that is for sure. Cheers to me and thank you America for welcoming me to your loving arms.

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