My books that I bought from the library book sale

Yesterday is the opening of the book sale from our local library. It will run until Saturday. Yesterday is for members only. You also get a  free book if you are a member. You have to pay $5 to be a member. Today is the opening for public.


My books that I bought from library book sale
My books that I bought from library book sale


It is my very first time to go in a book sale. This bookworm goes crazy. There are thousands of books to check out. There are many authors that I have no clue. I just check those authors that I know. I am so glad that I found a book from E. L. James Fifty Shades Darker. I wish I can find the other two books. Unfortunately I did not. I bought many books from Nicholas Sparks. Though I watch some of the movies that he was written a book. I also  bought books for my summer babe. I also bought the first books that I read when I was in high school. They are from the Sweet Valley High.

Prices of books are cheaper too. Hardback cost $1, paperback cost $0.50 and kids books is $.25. I will bring my summer babe tomorrow as the books are $2 to fit in a bag. This time I will buy Nora Roberts books. I have heard she is an amazing author. The books are used some are in excellent conditions that were donated by the public.

How about you? Have you been in a book sale before?

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  1. So many books you’ve got there, I wish I have enough time to read just like you do, oh well! I guess all I have to do is to read the insights you share with the books you read.

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