A funny card that I received from my husband on our anniversary

If you know my husband, he is really a serious man. It drives me crazy sometimes. He seldom laughs. He has a sense of humor I think that he hides. He is a very shy husband of mine too.

 photo anniversary card_zpscph8hkuz.jpg

Anyway, three days ago we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We did not go somewhere. He is very tired from working so many hours. He grilled my favorite American food, steak that is. I love to eat it with mushroom as well. It become my favorite when I was pregnant with our little girl almost 9 years ago.

 photo anniversary card A_zps2lgal6od.jpg

He also gave me this card which is very funny. I am fortunate that I have those assets too. He does compliment me anytime and squeeze it all the time especially when I am in the kitchen doing the dishes or making dinner.

I thank God for blessing our marriage. I hope that we can survive all the trials that our relationship will encounter.

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  1. Oh! How sweet!… Lucky for you for having a husband like him… Happy anniversary to both of you and wish you more loving years together!

  2. I still have to post my cards. Things have been crazy. It seems our husbands have the same sense of humor. šŸ˜‰

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