Born naturally tan and proud of it

It took me at least six months for my skin to get lighter. I am not talking about whitening and all the stuff. I am lighter because I wear long sleeve during the brutally cold season here in Western New York. My skin is covered and not expose to the sun.

I am  born naturally tan
I am born naturally tan

Yesterday was so warm but a little breezy. The temperature went up to 80 Fahrenheit degrees. It feels like summer. I am sure that all the Western New Yorker are enjoying the warm day. My family took advantage of the warm weather. All of us stayed outside and did outdoor stuff.

I went to the pond. The water looks so clear and clean. You might jump into the water but it is freezing. I even touch the water and indeed very cold. I am enjoying the sun and  gets tan right away. My natural tan shows. I cannot wait when our pool is open and the water is warm. I cannot wait to swim and spend time with my family in our pool.

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  1. Glad to know it has warmed up in your side of the world. I have morena skin too that gets even darker when exposed to sun, but i don’t really mind as i am proud of my skin.

    You have nice long and flawless legs!

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