The best gift I received during my birthday

I turned 41 years old last month and three days exactly today. I am fine if I do not receive any gifts on my birthday. My husband will not allow that to happen. He always told me that my birthday is not fair.

 photo birthdaycardA_zps8664f8df.jpg
I was born on the 25th and it happens that it is also Christmas Day.

I am very simple and simple things make me happy like this birthday card that my husband and our son gave me. The birthday card is very funny and adorable.

 photo birthdaycard_zps1ffa789c.jpg
My husband always include one dollar every time. He is not a cheap but very funny indeed. I think I received 12 one dollar if I keep the money. Unfortunately, I did not save them. I also received winter coat, blanket and winter boots aside from the card and that one dollar.

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