Life: Sentiments & Realities by Christopher Uyi book review and giveaway

Book Synopsis:

LIFE: Sentiments & Realities

“Reality is burdensome to the undisciplined mind and so people avoid it by constantly seeking fun and distractions, albeit living confusedly. In adult life, we must train our minds to be watchful, thoughtful and resolute. We cannot alter what is, nor shape ­people and events to our liking; putting much effort into that is a sure path to frustration. Rather, we must set our minds to ­reconcile our actions to what is, rather than what we expect things to be.”


Instructive judgement, practical counsel, eternal truths and unconventional tactics to attain a fulfilled and happy life is what the author of the book, LIFE: Sentiments & Realities, offers the reader. In this book, Chris shares his insightful, combative, tough-minded and pragmatic thoughts on some basic life issues, encouraging the reader to choose a realistic rather than sentimental approach to life and, in so doing, achieve a robust, successful and happy life.

This is what I think of the book. I rate it 5 stars.

This book is like telling how to portray our life in each situations. We have the choice to make it better or worst. The author did an amazing job with this book. Life is too short to choose the wrong choices if we want too. Each situations as example are eye opening for us to reflect what is best for our life. What a good book to reflect and meditate each lives we have. This book is very unique to read.


Through the Fire

Uncontrolled desires, passions and sorrows constitute the world of darkness where the fire burns; and in the presence of darkness, people stumble and fall. But when we let the light in, stumbling is minimized.

Through the Fire sheds light on the causes of our struggles and pains so that we may minimize them. The views are practical and comprehensive, and are intended to lift the reader above life’s difficulties. They evoke, and provoke, intellectual and spiritual alertness in the reader’s mind.In Through the Fire Chris has again given the world a sublime philosophical path to finding success and eternal peace.

Author’s Bio:

Christopher Uyi is an Economist, Business Strategist and Life Coach. He is currently the Principal Partner of i54 Consulting Ltd. A strong believer in educational excellence and philanthropy, he is the founder of Uyi Christopher Ibhazehi-oria Foundation.

Chris is a prolific writer who, in his words, ”does not write for fun but writes to deliver a message”. He has published several well-acknowledged articles and two life/mind uplifting books.

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Interview with Chris Uyi

1. What made you write these two books?

I have had my fair share of life’s blows. Been knocked down severely but got back up better and stronger. And so I felt there are a lot of people out there who could benefit from my experiences. When you live long enough, you get to realize people face similar experiences, though they may look different on the surface level. So I have shared my lessons and thoughts with the world through my books and good enough, a whole lot of people have sent me mails of appreciation on how my books have helped them comprehend issues that hitherto perplexed them and they are walking a more practical path of life and finding daily fulfillment.

2. You define yourself as a catalyst for positive change. What exactly does this mean?

Being a catalyst simply means, I am an agent for positive change. But a catalyst cannot cause that change alone. I can’t change the world alone, but am going to spark as many minds as possible who will change the world.

3. If you had a chance to go through your past again, what would you do differently?

I’d pay more attention to things and people.

4. Do you have any regrets from your past?

Regrets? No, because it took everything in my past to make me who I am today. I’m grateful for all I have been through and all my mistakes.

5. What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?
Choosing to follow my dreams to become a Writer and Life Coach.
6. Any hobbies? Or a quirky thing you like to do?
I like going out alone, just to have a few drinks and study life through people’s actions and inactions.


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