Do you wear a panty liner

I do wear a panty liner. I wear it everyday. It is part of my wardrobe. I only use this brand since I first used a panty liner. I do picked the unscented too.

Why do I wear a panty liner? It is because to keep my underwear clean. Reading books does not help too especially when you are reading very steamy scenes. It makes you very wet.

different kinds of panty liners

different kinds of panty liners

Many women are into different things like shoes or handbags. My thing is underwear and bra. I love to buy underwear ¬†from Victoria’s Secret especially when I have coupons. You can get it basically free. I love to wear the thong design. I think it is the sexiest underwear to wear. My husband agrees too. I cannot use the regular panty liner if I wear thong. I buy a panty liner that is for that specific style of underwear. There are many panty liners in a box. I can used it for a long time.

How about you? Do you use a panty liner too?

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