Death Logs In by E. J. Simon book review

Death Logs In (Book Two)
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Some of the most powerful people in the world want to kill Michael Nicholas. Only his brother, Alex can save him – the problem is that Alex is dead.It’s been almost a year since Alex Nicholas, a Queens based underworld Boss, was gunned down. After Alex’s brutal murder, Michael inherited not only his brother’s business – but his enemies. Michael is now a key player in a world he once feared. By day, he is the head of a Fortune 500 company by night, the CEO of Tartarus, one of the worlds largest illegal gambling operations.Before his death, Alex invested heavily in breakthrough artificial intelligence software so that he could live forever. It worked. In his virtual form, Alex can communicate with Michael and monitor information – and people – in ways the NSA would envy.It is Alex who discovers Michael’s life is in danger. He detects plots that reach from the darkest corners of Queens, to the highest officials in the Vatican – and they all want Michael dead.Michael is now in a race to save his life, but he is never alone – Alex is there to help him navigate through this maze of life and death. Also protecting Michael from the forces closing in around him is Sindy Steele, a beautiful – and lethal bodyguard.How far is Michael willing to go to save his own life – and that of his family? Guided only by a familiar face on a computer screen, will the information Alex discovers allow Michael to go from being the hunted to the hunter?

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Here is what I can say about this book.

My first time to encounter the author Mr. E. J. Simon and I am a new fan of his book. I love reading suspense. The adrenaline you are feeling when you are reading this book Death Logs In is so powerful. I love how my heart pumping so fast until the last page of the book. This book is hard to put down. I love that it is a mixed of amazing story. There is lust, power and mind blowing of games which is so intense. I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves to read suspense.


 by E.J. Simon​

My stories come out of my imagination – but my imagination is often fueled by the movies. Death Never Sleeps andDeath Logs In were inspired by two very different movies: The Godfather and 2001 Space Odyssey.

Francis Ford Coppola’s treatment of family relationships, very different – at least on the surface – brothers, and the realistic way in which we murder – influenced the traditional crime aspect of my books. 2001 Space Odyssey in which the computer Hal takes over the space craft after refusing the astronaut’s command to unplug – or terminate itself – was the technology or artificial intelligence impetus.

I also think that since it’s movies that inspire or influence me, the stories and the reading is more entertaining rather than heavy or burdensome.

The technology is neither detailed nor complicated. I’m not a computer expert so I don’t burden the book with computer-speak. It’s really the stuff that comes out of our imaginations when we log onto our computer or turn on our iPhone. I just have a constant state of wonder as to how this all happens – and what’s next.

 Author’s Bio:

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E.J. Simon was the CEO of GMAC Global Relocation Services (a division of GM) and the Managing Director of Douglas Elliman, the largest real estate company in NY.

He is a consultant to many leading private equity firms and has held senior level positions at prominent financial services companies.

He is a world traveler, food enthusiast and lives in Connecticut. Death Never Sleeps is his first novel. His second novel, Death Logs In, will be available in October 2014.

 Connect with him:  Website  ~  Facebook  ~  Twitter
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