Bought this Jamie McGuire Walking Disaster at the garage sale

One of our neighbor has a sign that they will have a garage sale. I like going to the garage sale. I love to check books, CD’s and anything.

 photo walkingdisasterbook_zps46ea6cd6.jpg

I found this book Walking Disaster by the author Jamie McGuire for a $1. I did not read any of her books. I have a thought that this is a great book to read. She is one amazing author as what I read in my Facebook book whores like me.

I am very happy that for a $1 I could read this book. There are more books but I do not recognize the authors. I also bought an Aeropostale sandal for $0.50 and another sandal for my summer babe for $3.

How about you? Do you like to check the garage sale? What do you usually buy?

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