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The Seduction Epilogue

“Wake up, sleepy-head.”


I drift, drowsy from the soothing sound of the ocean. I’m having the most amazing

dream. I’m on a tropical beach, where clear crystal water laps the powder white

sand, and palm trees shade my lounger. And there’s a man. Mmmm. A gorgeous,

sexy man stroking every inch of my body…


His fingers brush over my bikini top, playing with my breasts. I let out a moan.


“That’s right, baby,” he chuckles. He squeezes with my nipples through the thin

fabric until they’re hard and aching. “Are you awake yet?”


“No,” I whisper, wanting to stay in the bliss of this dream. It feels so good.


“Hmmm… how about now?” His hand moves lower, over my bare stomach. I shiver.

He traces lightly down between my thighs, stroking over my clit. Even through my

bikini, the sensation sends a flare of pleasure through me. I gasp, rocking up against

his hand.


“Still sleeping?” he murmurs, his mouth close to my ear. I can feel the heat of his



I smile, but keep my eyes shut. I want to see where this goes.


“You really are tired, poor baby. I wonder what’s been wearing you out?” He sounds



“My boyfriend,” I murmur, still laying with my eyes closed. “He’s insatiable.”


“I don’t blame him.” He pushes my bikini bottoms aside and rubs my clit, a

maddening rhythm that makes me writhe. “Just looking at you like this, I want to

sink deep into that sweet pussy and fuck you slowly until you lose your mind.”


“So why don’t you?” I challenge, breathing faster as he strokes. God, right there. Yes.


He laughs. “Soon, baby. But it’s time to wake up. I’ve got something planned for us.”


“Does it involve your cock inside me?” I moan. He answers by sliding two fingers

into me, slowly, teasingly. Fuck.


“You can bet on it.” His palm presses my center as his fingers pulse deep inside me.

He brings his mouth to my clit and works it with his tongue as his fingers continue

their relentless rhythm inside me. He flicks my nub and then sucks, gently at first

and then with increasing intensity. Just when I’m on the edge, he pushes more

fingers inside me and I break. My orgasm tears through me in a delicious wave. He

gets me every time.


I open my eyes to find Vaughn kneeling beside me with a sexy grin.


“I was just dreaming about you.” I smile. The beach glitters, totally empty except for

us. Vaughn leans down to claim my mouth in a hot kiss.


“Good dream?” he murmurs, stroking my hair. His eyes rove over me, dark and



“The best.” I let out a contented sigh, looking at the ocean, and the setting sun — and

him. “This is heaven.”


Vaughn lifts me to my feet. We stroll back to our beachfront cabana: the doors wide

open to let the tropical breeze in. “You hop in the shower,” Vaughn tells me, “I’m

going to get your surprise ready.”


I feel a jolt of anticipation. Vaughn loves surprising me, and his plans usually end

with multiple orgasms. “Give me a hint?” I ask.


He shakes his head. “Not this time. Go on.”


He’s using that voice I love, the one that’s all man, so I follow his order and go

shower off in the huge bathroom. It’s big enough for two, and we’ve definitely tested

it out many times this vacation, soaping up for hours together under the jets.


I wish he was in here with me.


When I step out of the shower, there’s a box on the cabinet, tied with a red ribbon.


Wear this.

(And only this)


I open the box. It’s a gorgeous red silk dress, with a short skirt and tiny spaghetti

straps. There’s nothing else in the box. No lingerie. I grin, slipping it over my head.

The silk slides over my body in a shiver of sensation, sticking to my skin where I

haven’t dried off. The skirt flares mid-thigh, dangerously high, and my nipples are

visible through the fabric.


Something tells me we’re staying in for dinner.


My cellphone rings just as I’m applying makeup. It’s Cam, holding down the fort back

at the company. I’ve kept business to a minimum on the trip. But if Cam’s calling it

must be important.


“Hey boss,” he says, when I answer. “Still enjoying paradise?”


“I love it here. We might never come back.”


He laughs. “You better. We need you.”


“Everything running OK?” I ask, trying not to sound nervous. I finish fixing my hair

in the mirror to fall in loose, natural waves.


“The police say Carter will do jail time for attempted murder, so I wanted you to

know that he is in for good. But there’s still no word from Brent.”


I’m reassured that Carter will go exactly where he belongs—the slammer. But damn

Brent. I take a deep breath.


“Will you do me a favor?” I ask. “Check on Isabelle. I don’t know what’s going on

with her, but I know she’s mixed up in something with Brent. I just have a feeling

she might need help.”


“Sure.” Cam sounds surprised. “I’ll keep an eye on her.”


“Thanks. I’ve got to run.”


“A busy schedule of beach and cocktails?”


I laugh. “Something like that.”


I hang up push open the bathroom door, stepping out into our suite. I’m not going to

think about Carter or that sicko Brent.


“Vaughn?” I call, but there’s no reply.


Another box sits on the coffee table. I open it, my anticipation rising. Inside is a red

satin blindfold and another note.




My pulse kicks. I’m going to like this surprise, I’m certain.


I hear movement outside. I step out onto our private patio to see a table laid for

two with beautiful white linens and silverware. There’s delicious-looking food and

candles flickering as the sun sets lower over the ocean in a blaze of pink and gold.


“You look beautiful,” Vaughn’s voice comes from behind me. I turn. He’s wearing

slacks and a white shirt open at the neck, devastatingly handsome like something

from a movie. He carries a bottle of champagne and two glasses to the table, pausing

to murmur in my ear as he passes.


“You’re going to look more beautiful naked in that blindfold with your wet mouth

wrapped around my cock.”


Still my Vaughn. I feel a rush of heat between my naked thighs. Vaughn chuckles and

pulls out a chair for me.


I sit, taking in the gorgeous scene. “I can’t believe you did this.”


“It’s our last night on the island.” Vaughn smiles across the table at me. “I want it to

be a night you remember.”


“I remember everything,” I admit, feeling a rush of love and desire. “Every minute

we spend together.” Ever since meeting Vaughn, my life has turned upside down.

We’ve been through so much together, and even though I feel closer to him than

anyone else in my life, it still amazes me how new and exciting this still feels.


He surprises me. He challenges me. And God, he turns me on.


“No regrets?” Vaughn asks quietly. His eyes burn into mine from across the table.


“None,” I swear, reaching to hold his hand. “I love you. I’m just glad all the mess with

Ashcroft and Ridley is over now. We can just be together.”


Vaughn pulls his hand away. “One last surprise,” he says, pulling a final box from his

pocket. He places it on the table in front of me, tied with another red ribbon.


A ring-sized box.


My heart stops. It can’t be…


I look up at him, but he just smiles. “Open it.”


I unwrap the ribbon with shaking hands. Inside is the most beautiful diamond ring

I’ve ever seen in my life.




He goes down on one knee beside me. Vaughn takes the ring box, and cradles my

hand. “You’ve changed my life, Keely. I was lost before I met you. I never thought

that I could have this. Us. That I would love someone like I love you.”


I feel a sob rise in my throat. “I feel the same,” I whisper. “I’m so happy I have you.”


“You’re mine,” Vaughn says, and already I’m crying too much to get the words out. I

just nod.


“Yes! Of course.”


He slides the ring on my finger and then pulls me into his arms. I fit just right, made

to press against his firm muscle and heat. It’s overwhelming, the thought of him

forever. All Vaughn. All mine.


“You and me, baby,” Vaughn murmurs, claiming my lips in a scorching kiss. “I

promise, I’m going to spend the rest of our lives making you smile… making you



His hands slide lower, under the hem of my dress.


“Making you scream.”





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