Do you believe in Karma?

I do believe in Karma. I like that name too. There are many incidents in my life that Karma happened to somebody that hurt me. I hate being lied. I am such a good person who I believe that somebody would like to step on my kindness. They have the nerve to do it purposely. They did not know that Karma will get them back. 

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Please do not forget that what comes around, goes around. It happened to me two days ago. In the end, she pays back of what she did to me. I do not hate people or grudge people. I let go and move on. Life is too short to think  of negative.

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  1. i do believe in karma! being married to a foreigner bring out those people who is envious and try to put you down for years I have been so quiet and always be. and now i can see some of them receiving their karma one by one hehe.

  2. I am not sure if I believe in karma, like what mommy Dhemz said, it originated in Hinduism. I don’t usually think that bad things will happen to someone who has hurt me, I just pray for them. Like you, I am trying to live a good life, but there will always be bumps and negative people around, temptations and trials. And with all the negative stuff around, I only pray.

  3. Like you Momi Jess, I tend to let go and move on. And sure, I have seen how karma played in all those that have become a part of my life. The moral lesson in the past is still a moral lesson that’s worth learning and living out today: Do unto others what you want others do unto you.

  4. I believe in burying the hatchet and moving on for in the end, the people who begrudged or hurt us will inherit their own karma. I believe in the golden rule too.

  5. Karma does exist and it’s real (at least in my opinion) but if it’s a good karma, then I want it as much as possible by doing good deeds to people who are REALLY in need of help. 🙂

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