How did I spent my $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card from my birthday

I wrote on my earlier post here that my in-laws gave me a $50 Victoria’s Secret gift card on my birthday. I drove to the mall and used my gift card. It happened that the Victoria’s Secret is having a sale that day. The store is mobbed by Angels (this is how they call their customers). The prices are very low. They are having 75% off on all the beauty products. I only buy the nail polish from that list. I cannot tolerate the smell of the lotions and he perfumes. It smells good but I am allergic to the smell of the perfumes. It gives me dizzy so I stay away. Luckily you can avoid the smells if you can shop on their website, and lower the cost of your entire purchase by using a Victorias Secret discount code.

shopping at Victoria's Secret

The brassière is sale for $19.99. The underwear is $3.99 on some of the selections. I love to wear brassière and underwear. Most of my intimates are from Victoria’s Secret. I love their material and the style. I bought two of these brassieres. I also bought five of their sexy underwear. They are all laces which is my favorite material. I have a very sensitive skin. The lace is just perfect for my skin.

shopping at Victoria's Secret

Overall I am happy with the gift card that I got from my birthday. I did not wear anything from my recent Victoria’s Secret shopping yet. They are all in my drawers.

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  1. same here Jess, I get really bad headaches from perfumes, thus I stay away from them too. I find it embarrassing sometimes though, when I would sneeze right away and would have runny nose when someone who wears perfume would come close to me, I usually don’t want that to happen, but it happens, and I don’t like it.

  2. Those are good selection of items you got from your $50 gift card. I do not buy branded because I am very thrifty but if someone will give me a gift of branded stuffs or a gift card like what you got I will accept it. lol

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