All I want for Christmas is a Nook HD +

I hope that Santa can hear me. All I want for Christmas is this Nook HD +. Oh please Santa, please grant my wish and make this woman happy. I really want this Nook HD +. I can read many e-books and surf as well. I can use my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything will be alright. I am using a Kindle now with my e-books. It is actually the little girl who owns the Kindle. It is small and perfect for her. She plays and read books as well in that Kindle.

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(photo not mine)

I want my own too. I am not sure if Santa can hear me. It is my 40th birthday on Christmas as well. This Nook HD + is available in the Barnes & Noble. I want the 32 GB where there is enough space for my e-books. I want to transfer all my e-books from my little girl’s Kindle to this Nook HD +. I could buy it now for myself. Somebody is telling me that I might grant my wish. I guess I just have to wait and see. There are 21 days before Christmas and waiting is killing me. There is a saying that goes β€œPatience is a virtue but the fruit is sweet” I guess I just to have to wait and have much patience.

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  1. Me too Mommy Jess, but I don’t have budget for this πŸ™ maybe I’ll just be content with my ipad with Kindle app in it linked flawlessly with amazon, hahahaha… psssst.. what’s your new book … have you read the Ruth Cardello (Legacy series) ? It’s good also… hahahah.

  2. Oh I think I want one too!!!! and one for each of my kids too! It would be awesome to be using it for reading and surfing on the go! wishing you get your wish in time for Christmas and your birthday! πŸ™‚

  3. Momi Jess! I am finally able to get in! Yay! Nook HD on your 40th birthday is a perfect choice for being a voracious reader! I have heard that Santa is good to those who have been good so I guess you can have your wish become real pretty soon! πŸ˜‰

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