A paperback copy of the book KNOWING VERA by Miss Rachelle Ayala

I am privilege and honor, that Miss Rachelle Ayala sent me a paperback copy of one of her beautiful book KNOWING VERA.

KNOWING VERA a beautiful book by Rachelle Ayala
I had a Kindle copy of her book Knowing Vera and already read it too. It is a beautiful book that has romance and suspense rolled into one that will keep you read until the last page which I did. It is hard to put the book down to be honest.

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card Miss Rachelle Ayala
Miss Rachelle Ayala also sent me a beautiful Christmas card with a sweet note.
She also sent me postcards from two of her beautiful books MICHAL’S WINDOW and BROKEN BUILD which I bought and it is now waiting for me to read in my Kindle.

Michal's Window and Broken Build two of Miss Rachelle Ayala books that I cannot wait to read

Miss Rachelle Ayala is now one of my favorite authors. I really like her books. I also get to know her too. I am now one of her number one fans. She is very kind and do appreciate all her help. I thought she is a Filipino but she is Chinese. I want to say thank you so much for this beautiful paperback copy of KNOWING VERA. It is a beautiful addition to my book collection. Now I need bookends and hope Santa can her me.

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