I went shopping to Aeropostale

I have a $10 off coupon with me that time to spend worth of $50 to use the coupon. It is far to drive honestly. I hate the traffic driving to the mall. I also stop by at the Victoria’s Secret to redeem some coupons too. I have no choice but to drive that far during that time.

My Aeropostale deals

I like the Aeropostale clothes. They have many items on sale in the clearance section. How I wish that there are items that are on my size. Unfortunately there are few items left for me. I bought four sweat pants, four short sleeve shirts and four shorts. I really love the sweat pants. They are warm and toasty to use during the cold season. I can also wear the short sleeve around the house and even the shorts. It gets warmer inside the house despite it is cold outside because of the fireplace.

Aerospostale coupon

I have to spend $50 total of my items to use the $10 off. I am very proud of myself because I use my money from my journal income. I also received another $10 off but unfortunately, it was expired before I have the chance to redeem it. I know that I will be back shopping at the Aeropostale. I want to buy more sweat pants. I like how it fits on my legs and of course the comfort too.

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