My Halloween costume is a devil

I am sick and tired of being a good woman. Definitely I will change and I needed it so badly. I am just kidding; I can never be a devil. There are times when I am in my wit ends. I could be a devil and you better watch out when that happen. I could be mean. 

My Halloween devil costume

Anyway, my friends are having a Halloween party tonight. My kids had their Halloween costume since last year. I bought them when it was on sale at the mall. I never buy a Halloween costume for myself. I know that I have no use of wearing a Halloween costume except tonight.

I drove to Wal-Mart and need to buy my kids treat to bring and share it to their friends at school. I found this devil Halloween costume and it is my size. I want to buy the lady bug or the bee Halloween costumes; unfortunately I do no have in my size. They are also expensive. The devil is half prize of those two adorable Halloween costumes. I also need to buy red shoes to go with my Halloween costume. I am glad that I found one on sale.

I want to wish all my friends that are celebrating Halloween, a fun-filled occasion. I will bring my kids trick or treating tonight. They are always excited to wear their Halloween costumes.

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