The best thing I did to my hair

I plan to wait for my birthday which is about two months to cut my long hair. I just cannot wait for two months. I decided to have my hair cut two days ago. I took a shower and drove to a hair saloon called Fantastic Sam. I also have a coupon for the saloon so why not use it, right? It is my first time to have a hair cut in this saloon. It is also close to Big Lots store which I need to buy snacks for the little girl for school. 

There were two women smoking outside. It makes me uncomfortable walking to the saloon. I just cannot stand the smell of cigarette. They thought that I am going to have my nails done. They both stand up when they see me walking straight to the saloon. I hold my breath until I am inside the saloon.

donate my hair to Locks of Love

I told them that I will have a hair cut. I want to donate my hair to Locks of Love. I am not sure if it is enough to donate. The hairdresser measure my hair and she is it is way too long to donate. I am very happy for that. The hairdresser sounds so happy that I will donate my hair. She said you go girl for donating your hair. She asks me if it is my original hair color. I just smiled at her and said yes, this is my original hair color. She also told me that I have a beautiful thick hair. She asks me how I take care of my hair. I just said I use regular shampoo. The hairdresser is very pretty, in her mid-20. I really like her long curly hair. I always like curly hair. She has a natural curly hair. She said anytime she wants to trade her hair with mine. I also told her that I will turn 40 years old. She said no way you look too young for being 40 years old. I think it is just a number. It is how the way you take care of yourself.

She cut my hair right on the shoulder after cutting at least 10” off my long hair. I told her that you can cut it very short. She cut my hair all the way from chin. I also ask her if she could trim my bangs. The saloon is not busy which I am thankful for. I do like my new short hair. She gives me a bag for my hair that I will donate. I ask her if she has a form available for me to sign. She said they do not have any form which is fine with me. I was about to pay for my haircut. I was surprise that she said that I am all set. I did not know that it is free once you donate your hair to Locks of Love. I ask her are you serious that is free? She said yes, it is free. I gave her a $10 tip for cutting my hair.

By the way, Locks of Love is an organization where you can donate your hair for the cancer kids. It is the best thing that I did for my hair. I am very proud of what I did. My hair grows fast so I do not worry about having short hair. I promise myself that I will donate my hair every October. It is a month of breast cancer awareness too. My eldest sister is a breast cancer as well.

The next day, I went to the library. I print a form to use when sending my hair. The Locks of Love office is in Florida. I mailed it through priority mail. I hope that I can make a little girl happy with my donated hair.

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  1. Awww… why you donate your hair… why not sell it hahaha. In Sweden, natural hair is expensive. Anyhow, you look younger with your short hair now. Aha, December diay imo birthday ha hehehe.

  2. short hair indeed makes us look younger…and you proved it with your new hair sister. I love the hair and I love that you donated. I am pretty sure that someone would be so happy receiving the hair you’ve donated. Well done!

  3. that’s really very kind of you to donate your locks for a good cause. i’d probably cut mine that short if i can do the same. i wish they had a similar foundation locally. it would cost me quite a fortune to ship my cut hair to Florida.

    kudos to you mommy! ^_^

  4. That is a very sweet gesture girl. I hope we can also do that hair too. I mean I heard Locks of Love but I don’t know how to here. I read your status in FB that you want to cut your hair that give me the idea to cut my hair too. But grrr my sister stole the moment lol she had the style that I want hahaha. SO I decided to have it curl lol

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