Thank you Mommy Gen for these beautiful bracelet and earring sets

I received these beautiful hand-made jewelry set from Mommy Gen. She sent me also a set of bracelet and earrings set for my daughter to match with mine. We both really love her handmade jewelry. Mommy Gen is very talented and skillful doing hand-made jewelry. She also creates hand-made cards as well.Β 

hand made bracelet and earring sets from Mommy Gen
I was cleaning when I see her mail. I check what is inside and found her business card. She asks me if I could take a picture of my little girl wearing her hand-made jewelry sets. I ask my little girl and without any hesitation she posed for me. This is my little girl showing off her pretty hand-made bracelet and earrings from Mommy Gen. She also wear the earrings during her school picture day.

hand made bracelet and earring sets from Mommy Gen
Here is also a picture of me. I am sure it is not as pretty as my daughter. I am grateful to Mommy Gen for her generosity for sending me her beautiful handmade jewelry. Are you looking for hand-made jewelry or perhaps hand-made cards for your family or friends? You can find beautiful hand-made products from Mommy Gen’s creation. They are very affordable as well.

I received the jewelry for free. I am not compensated to write. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different from others.

19 Replies to “Thank you Mommy Gen for these beautiful bracelet and earring sets”

  1. No doubt about it– K looks so pretty and the blings added to the good looks! Momi Jess, you both look lovely on those artsy creation of Momgen!

  2. love love those blings worn by you and your daughter, you two make a really beautiful team modeling those beautifully handcrafted blings. Checked her site, and wow, they are lovely. I am a bling fanatic πŸ™‚

  3. The bracelet and earring set looks pretty! your smile and your daughter’s show how happy you are with those gifts..I would love to wear one too! You make me wish I too had a daughter I can share bracelets and earrings with πŸ™‚

  4. Those are really beautiful. I am a staunch supporter of handmade stuff and I know the time, effort and love the person poured on those bracelets to make them ultra special.

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