My husband really has a good heart

I admit that there are times my husband is a pain in the butt. He does drive me nuts. Our marriage is not perfect. We have many ups and downs but we always work it out. We always settle our differences. He does have a good heart. I can rely on him for help especially for my family back in the Philippines. He does listen to me especially if I have problems. He is not perfect but I love him about that. 

There is a situation in my family back in the Philippines. They need my help financially. I try to help my family in the Philippines as I want too. This time I cannot help as I am run out of funds in my card. I told my husband about the problem. He has no hesitation and help right away. I really love him for having a good heart. I want to say thank you sweetheart for all your help. I love you for being you and your imperfection.

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