Jewelry and beauty products giveaway

The waiting is over guys. Welcome to Jewelry and Beauty Products Giveaway hosted by Shopping and Beyond. The sponsors of these amazing products allowed SAB to host and so without further ado 4 lucky winners will get to win these following prizes seen on the banner. First prize winner gets Baroni Designs Jewelry, 2nd prize gets HBL Hair Care Products worth $62.00, 3rd winner gets Novica Product of her/his choice and the 4th winner gets Merlot Skin Care Products. Which you can visit all the product lines full review on the designated links.

Giveaway will run August 5th, until August 30th, 2013. This opportunity is open to US readers/residents only. Good luck everyone!

Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for shipment of prize.

A maternity dress I bought from a giveaway

I want to say thank you very much for Mommy D for the giveaway. I am one of her four winners in her giveaway. I won a $25 gift code that I use and bought a maternity dress. It is from the pink blush maternity where they sell beautiful maternity outfits for pregnant women.
I picked this Pink Floral Print Halter Maternity Dress. The original price is $52.99 but it is on sale for $16.99. It is perfect dress to wear in the summer. I love the design especially the adjustable beaded straps. I am definitely not pregnant. Any women can wear their maternity dress and other outfits. Even pregnant women can wear stylish dress and still looks pretty being pregnant. I wear dress when I was pregnant my little K almost seven years ago.
I want to say thank you again to Mommy D. I do like to join the giveaway especially if I really like the prizes. Do you like to join a giveaway too? I am linking this entry to the 31st day of blog photo challenge.

Pedal that will rock your world

I love listening and dancing to music. We live in this house where it is very quite. It makes me deaf because it is so quite. I turn on the radio in the kitchen if I am cooking. I also play my favorite CD from Jessica Sanchez to keep the house little louder. 

I love the upbeat music from Jessica Sanchez. I can loose and dance to the beat of her music. There are love songs and dance music. She sings so beautifully. I love her dance music too. It sounds so beautiful. I wonder if she records in a studio where they use a pedal like voodoo labs pedal power at musicians friend she used in her recording few months ago before her music album was release. Have you buy her CD album yet? If you are a fan like me, you should get a copy of yourself.

There are love songs and dance music which am sure you will love to listen and dance along just like me.

My husband thinks our little k likes this boy

Oh no! Now that makes me panic. He lives in the other road not from where we live. He rides his ATV along the trail where my son rides his ATV as well. They became friends so as the other kids that ride their ATV. I am very happy that finally my son can play with other kids especially riding his ATV along the trail. 

playing the iPad in the hammock
This 11 years old boy A always comes over to our place. He plays with our son and my little K. The husband thinks that my little K likes this boy. I said I do not think so. My being conservative Mommy strikes in me. I do not want my little girl to like a boy when she is very young. She can wait at least when she is 13 years old or older.

I took this picture of them together sitting on the hammock. My little K shared her iPad with him. I watch them both like a hawk. I stay in the garage when my kids play in the backyard or in the driveway. How about you? Will you allow your little girl to like someone at a young age? I know that American kids brought up differently from where I was brought up.

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Where to go when you are filing for bankruptcy

Life has twist and turn. We have to enjoy life to the fullest with our family everyday. It could be spending quality time at home. You do not need to go somewhere just to spend quality time with the family. Life is always full of surprises happiness or sad moments. 

Bankruptcy is one sad moment in our lives. There are times that as a woman, filing for bankruptcy are the hardest thing to do. One reason to apply for bankruptcy is divorce. There are many reasons as well why women apply for bankruptcy.

Are you one them? The nc bankruptcy laws are helping to offer their services to women and men that need help with filing their bankruptcy. Their services are mainly in North Carolina. This is a perfect place especially if you live or near the area. You need their professional help to get through all the divorce problems you have. You cannot do this to yourself. You have enough problems and you want to deal this with the professionals. I wish you good luck and hope that you can start your new life very soon.

Finally done reading the book Fifty Shades Freed by E L James

This is the last book written by E L James. It is called Fifty Shades Freed which is the third book of the series Fifty Shades. I have never thought that I can read three books in a week. These pages are 500 at least. I really love the series of the Fifty Shades. It is my first time to hook up reading a book series until I finished reading. 

Fifty Shades Freed the final book series of the Fifty Shades
I really love how the Fifty Shades series books are. I can never put this book down when I started reading it. The series is about abuse, betrayal, jealousy, lust and love. Love conquers all despite the trouble that these two main characters Christian Grey and Anastasia encountered. Anastasia is a free-spirited journalist. Christian Grey is rich, successful and the most famous bachelor in Seattle. He was abused and been to foster for several times. He was adopted by the Grey family and turns his life into happiness. He own powerful vehicles from helicopter, jets, boat and luxurious cars. He also owns big properties and businesses. What I love about Anastasia is a simple girl who is not a gold digger but really love Christian Grey not because of his properties but from whom really he is.

There are so many twists and turn of this last book series. One is when Jack kidnapped Mia, Christian Grey younger sister. Anastasia was a hero. Despite loosing her relationship with Christian Grey and pregnant still risk her life and her baby just to save Mia. There is also an attempt to burn the helicopter and burn his house. I love the car chasing as well.

They got married and have the two kids. I really like how the series end. Now I am hook into reading different books series from the Cross Fires by Sylvia Day.

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