How to rekindle the romance and the passion

I do admit that I missed the passion we had when my husband and I met for the first time back in 2001. It was that ten days where passion was very intense. Our passion used to be intense before we had kids. 
How I wish that intimacy is like that but unfortunately it is not. It is embarrassing to write but it is the truth.

I do wish that our love for each other and our passion and pleasure are balance but it is not. Intimacy is what I missed every time. My husband is a workaholic. He works many hours during the week plus working overtime. Our time is very different. I am awake taking care of the kids while he is sleeping. I am sleeping and he is at work. Our bed is empty and boring.

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There are times that we are intimate with each other. I get lucky if it happened once a month. We are married for 11 years. How I wish that we could change and stay intimate at least once a week and burning desire is always present.

How about you? Do you experience the same? Are you looking for that intimate moment where you can’t get off your hands with each other? Is your passion and pleasure for each other needs a wake up call? Do you want to stay active in bed? We need help, don’t we? This website offers a program to ignite your love, passion and pleasure with each other. You should sign up now. The program will starts on September 2nd. The program is for 8 weeks through online. You can pay $29 for weekly or $199 to pay upfront. There are professional who are experts in relationship and sex that will help you meet the goal of being in-love, passion and most of all pleasure for each other. I know that it is not too late to bring back the passion for each other. I would love to join this program with my husband too especially that the kids are almost going back to school. We will have free time to being intimate with each other.

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  1. I agree when you have kids your time with each other most likely is limited you know, hehe but a reminder tho to all couples don’t forget we have to have time for each other to keep the romance alive!

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