How to enjoy your vacation in Turkey

One of my close friends traveled to her husband’s place last month. I was very surprise and happy that finally she visited the country where her husband is originally from. I thought that it was her and husband that only visited her husband’s home town. I am very happy that her kids went with them too. I see many pictures of them during her trip with her family last month.

photo grabbed from a friend who just visited Turkey

This was their first time to travel as a family to visit her husband’s home town. I am very happy that they can finally meet her husband’s family and relatives. I know that she has planned a vacation for a while now. I am glad that it happened the last week.

photo grabbed from a friend who just visited Turkey

I saw her last weekend. She had a wonderful time during her vacation. I am glad that she is back with her family in New York. It was great to see her and catch up. It has been awhile since the last time I see her. She downloaded pictures in her Facebook page. She shared all their places that her family visited during her trip last month.

photo grabbed from a friend who just visited Turkey

I cannot believe that Turkey is only a border away from where her husband’s family is. She visited Bulgaria where her husband is originally from. I really like some pictures she took when they visited the beautiful country of Turkey. I really want to explore the temple. I also want to learn about the Turkey culture and tradition. They even wear a traditional head wear just like the typical Turkish people. I wonder where she bought her tickets. I really like to explore Turkey and check for Turkish Airlines if they have affordable tickets for my family. If you plan to fly with them, be sure to use Turkish Airlines coupon codes when you book your flight to save some money. I am happy that they available route from New York to Turkey. I can also check status of the airlines as well. I will put Turkey in one of my bucket list. I hope that my wish will happen someday.

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  1. That’s so nice, sometimes it does takes awhile to visit the homeland of each other if they were not originally from the place they are located now. I’m glad that they finally did and i’m sure their relatives were so happy to see and finally met them.

  2. Right now, wala pa akong plans of visiting Turkey. Medyo malayo na kasi siya from all the other places na gusto kong puntahan someday but I know Turkey is a good vacation place for everyone.

  3. Turkey… I got curious about this country after the marriage controversy of Ruffa Gutierrez with his Turkish ex-husband Yilmaz Bektas. That was the first time I heard about Turkey. hehehe!

    It’s so beautiful and I’d like to be there one day, especially that I’ve made friends with some Turkish Nationals now 🙂

  4. beautiful pictures, turkey is one country i love to visit someday with my family…i wish its easy as 1-2-3, hehehe! thanks for sharing more about it though. 🙂

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