Cross Fire series books by Sylvia Day

Yes! You read it right my friends. I have a new book series that I bought after reading the Fifty Shades trilogy book by E L James. Miss V advise me to check out this book by Sylvia Day which is a series called “Cross Fire” series. Miss V said that if I love the Fifty Shades, I will love reading this book too. She was definitely right. It took me a week to finish reading the three books. It is a beautiful story about love, lust, passion. Love always conquers all. There is another fourth series of this book. I cannot wait to order it. 

Cross Fire book series by Sylvia Day

Do you have a book that you would like me to share? I love reading romance novels that are suspense as well. I love to read a book that has a series so I can continue reading. Please do share the name of the author or the title of the book if you have in mind. I do appreciate it.

I get bored and I already read the first series of Cross Fire twice. I was very excited that I read it so fastly. I am not in the second book which I will read soon. I will bring it to the trip with us. It will give me a quite time to enjoy reading the second book.

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