Where to buy and sell affordable textbooks

Recently, I am into reading books. I knew that while I was teen-ager I love to read romance novel books. I am glad that my cousin gave me most of her novels. I read it and will never put down the novel until I am reading the last page. It brings back those memories and my love for reading. 

I already read six romance novel books last and this month. I am looking to read more books. I know that books are expensive. There are times that I wonder if I can find affordable books aside from the bookstore. It is awesome to read new novels at the same time saves some money than buying books in the bookstore.

Do you have books that you wish you can get rid off? You can sell your textbooks and at the same time help somebody to save by doing it. I did this when I was in college. It does not matter if they are not new books. What is important is? You can learn and enjoy your book. I think I found new novel books to read and at the same time pay a fraction of price than buying new novels in the bookstore.

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