Rock & Republic Destroy Boot cut Jeans

No! this is not my jeans. This is my husband’s jeans. My husband and I went to Kohl’s together that day. We stopped by at a friend’s house to pick up a box. Kohl’s is very close to where she lives. I have coupons that I want to use and will buy a birthday gift for my little K’s friend from school. 

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I did bought an outfit for my little K’s friend birthday party. I bought a Fourth of July summer pajama for her. My husband bought this jeans for himself. I just wish that he waited for me so I can use my coupons too. He bought this jeans. This is from Rock & Republic collection jeans. It has a boot cut style. The jeans has rips and that is why it is called destroy design. It is a size 32×30. My husband has a little tush form shhh!!!wWhen he wear this jeans. I really love the style and design.

He seldom buy jeans for himself. I do not know if I want to buy it for myself. The original price is $88. It is on sale for $59.99. I think it is still very expensive for me. I bought almost the same style of this jeans at Aeropostale and paid $9.99 as it is on sale. Well, I guess that is fine with me because the husband will pay for it.

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  1. lol. that is an expensive jeans mommy jess tapos gisi gisi pa dyud. hehehe.. i bet ur hubby look good at it. akong bana kay mga slacks ang hilig ug mga camo pants. he will not pay such pants kay dili mag last ang mga pantalon niya due to the nature of his work.

  2. Whoa! That is a very expensive price, Momi Jess, for a jeans! Even if it’s already on sale, still, I am not willing to pay for it! Lol. Your husband and mine have the same size for jeans. 32×30 pud ang ginapalit ni bana. And, the most expensive that he’ll pay is only $20. Yep, he is a cheapskate like me! Lol.

    BPC hop!

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