Are you planning to migrate to New Zealand?

It was year 2000 when I first learned how to use the internet. It was this year when I joined a dating Website in the internet. This is a very famous Website that will help a Filipina woman to meet a foreigner. I did not expect that I will received many emails from different guys all over the world. It was overwhelming to receive such beautiful words from any of those guys that wrote me a message.

I replied to most of them. I have no clue that one of those guys who became my husband that also I met from that famous dating Website. I remember one of those guys asked me if I am from New Zealand. He also lives in New Zealand. I bet he would be excited to meet me if I live their. He would not travel half around the world just to meet the woman of his dreams.

 photo housesale.jpg(photo not mine)
I wonder if that guy has a beautiful home. He seems like a very nice and genuine guy. I wonder if he applied the New Zealand Home Loans to build his dream house. My husband applied for a home loans and luckily we got approved. I love to take video or watch videos online as well. I love to watch one of my favorite reality TV show and it is on tonight.

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How I wish that I have this Video Production Auckland which will help me watch the video clearly on my TV. There are times that I missed watching it and that I will watch it online the next day. It would be awesome if I could watch it on our big TV screen as well. Do you like that too? You can learn from here on how to watch your favorite show clearly on TV.

My best friend’s husband is a pro about transferring videos. How I wish that they still live closer to us. Unfortunately, they now have migrated to a different country because her husband has worked from the recruitment Agencies that he applied. I missed our bonding together but still thankful for Facebook.

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  1. That would be possible mami jess. He might apply for a load to a acquire the nice house he has. Anyway, I bet you were confused at the time to whose going to be the lucky guy for you since you have a lot of response from that dating site.

  2. New Zealand is not that far from the Philippines. When I was also fresh from online dating and i think wasn’t planning of marrying any foreign guy. I was chatting to this new zealander guy and went and came to the philippines to meet his lists of prospect girlfriend that he met online. I think he was the first foreigner I chatted online whom I met. I wasn’t serious about online dating back then so my co-teacher and I went to meet him and it was my friend who did all the talking and i was there for a free food hahahahaha.

    Anyway, basin imung guy and that guy mami jess is the same person bwahahahahahaha.

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