Pink envelope from Victoria’s Secret

I got this bill from Victoria’s Secret sometime this week. I think this is my first time to receive a pink envelope for my Victoria’s Secret bill. I owe $40 and this will pay off before it is due date. My husband is the one who is paying for my Victoria’s Secret bill.

 photo pinkenvelope.jpg

I really love that the envelope is pink. It is very pretty. I like pink, do you? I hope it will not attract me to use my Victoria’s Secret card. I want to pay it off. I will not use it for now. It is awesome when you do not have a bill. I know my bill is not big. Yet! I want to pay it off.

Did you received a pink envelope before? I am linking this entry to #161 of 365 blog photo challenge.

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  1. wow ka sweet ni baner! lami dyud mag shopping dira sa VS ganahan ko sa ilang mga pink pero cant afford for now. hehe.. cute bitaw ilang envelop.

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