Dream of going to Las Vegas for a vacation

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I never have alone time with my husband. I mean just the two of us without the kids. It would be awesome to spend time with him. I would love to spend two or three days of just the two of us.  I would love to spend time somewhere where we both can have the fun and enjoy each other’s company.  I miss the romance and being flirt with him.
All I want is to fly for three days and have the best times of our lives together. I would love to explore the sin city. I want to have the fun with him. I want to go to the club and being flirt with him. I miss those sweet and flirt moment with him. I want to be free and nothing to think but just have the fun with the two of us.
Summer is almost here and Las Vegas Vacations is what I have in mind. I have read that SouthWest Airlines Vacation is such a big hit for couple. I know that my step-daughter flew from Florida to New York with SouthWest Airlines vacations. She said that Southwest Vacations, your bags fly free. You save up to $120 round trip. It is the perfect time to fly to Southwest Airlines Vacation because of the best deals on package trip to Vegas. These are the hot deals they have now.
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Can you imagine the savings you make? I would pick the first savings. It sounds fun and exciting to stay in the Quad Resort and watch the show. This makes me excited and I cannot wait. We have to find a sitter to watch our two kids and will have the best vacation ever.
How about you? When was the last time you and your husband had a vacation? Why not check out the best deals above from the SouthWest Airlines vacation to Las Vegas.

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19 Replies to “Dream of going to Las Vegas for a vacation”

  1. Yes, I am dreaming of someday, I could visit the Vegas. I wanted to explore things around it and also maybe visit a friend who lives in the area.

  2. Oh I missed the last question of your post. So here I am again to answer it. Well, the last time we had a vacation was way back 2011. But we were with our kids. I wish we can go just the two of us, it would be better, I guess. NO kids! LOL

  3. Las Vegas is not the best time to go in the summer when outdoor adventure is what you want because it gets really hot there like hell! Lol. However, if it’s for fun inside the casino hotels, sure, you will be granted for such blast!

    When we become parents, here in America, a date becomes a family date all the time when we don’t have anyone to ask to watch our kids. Same here Momi Jess! No more dates between me and the husband as the kids are always in tow. 😀

  4. You are not alone mami jess 🙂 It’s hard to fine some time together when we have little kids. I am looking forward for that time too when husband and I can spend some time together childless. Las Vegas is one of our dream destination too, hopefully we can visit this place in the near future.

  5. By the way Momi Jess, Southwest Airlines indeed have great deals to Vegas. I hope you can take advantage of a cheap flight soon! I am sure a Vegas escapade would be full of thrill.

  6. ever since we became a couple mami jess, we never had like a vacation, he was always busy with his work, you know how doctors work, 24-7, 365 days a year. then when the two little boys came, dates have become non-existent! lol! but we have family dates like Recel. that’s what matters most. go ahead mami Jess, take advantage of those cheap packages now or their prices will go up sooner. you’ll find a sitter for sure.

  7. I want to visit Vegas. Maybe when our kids are a bit older. And about when was the last time me and hubby had a vacation, it was ages ago lol. I guess from now on until our kids will be adults then that will be the time we can have our vacay with just the two of us 🙂

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