How to have a smooth feet in the summer

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Growing up in a tropical county makes my body smooth. I do not need to adjust to sudden temperature changes like here in Western New York. I only use the  same body lotion for a long time until I live now in America. My body changes especially my skin. Even my husband notice how dries my skin is.
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Summer is almost here. It is my favorite season of all time. I love to wear shorts, tanks, flip-flops and sometimes barefoot. My only problem is my feet. It is very scaly. It does not look good. I have used different cream for my feet but nothing seems cure my scaly feet. I want to try Tree Hut foot cream.  This  foot cream is certified organic. It has Shea butter which helps the skin repair, moisture, protect anti-aging and elasticity. It has Argan and rose hip Oil which is a natural anti-aging properties. It is non-greasy formula which is perfect. It is Paraben Free and No DMDM. It is made in the USA.
There are also products like the hand cream which has the Aloe Vera that is comes from nature‚Äôs soothing moisturizer. It has the peppermint oil to help moisturizer our skin. The foot scrub has the real sugar. The natural sugar help exfoliates smooth our skin.  It has the peppermint oil to moisturize our skin.  Tree Hut products are made in the USA which  is different from other products available on the market. They do not test on animals.
I cannot wait to buy the Tree Hut products very soon. I am happy that I can buy it in our Walmart stores and  nationwide too. Make sure you check out your local Walmart. You can also like Tree Hut on Facebook
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  1. The ability to sweat it out even without doing anything is what I like back home in Philippines. It is indeed making our skin smooth. My husband has a dry skin and because he is too stubborn to put on lotions every time, he always ends up having flaky skin. In Philippines though, lotions are not a need for him. The heat and humidity always make us sweat and he always ends up washing and not having dry skin. With that being said, these products you shared are worth a try!

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