Purchase a Tropical Palm bra from Victoria’ Secret

I have the two Victoria’s Secret coupons worth $10 each that will expire today. I do not want the coupon to expire without redeeming it.

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I went online and check for deals to use with my coupon. I am glad that there is an available coupon code BRASHIP if you buy a bra. It will ship for free. It will save me $6.99 for shipping. 

 photo tropicalpalmbra.jpg
(photo not mine)

I search for bra and found this tropical palm two for $42. I only need one bra as I bought one last week. I picked this Tropical Palm color to go with season spring and soon summer is here. This is a push up bra which helps my “girls” lift a bit. I do not wasted my coupon and need to use the remaining $10.

I always like to shop to Victoria’s Secret online and store. You save more if you shop online with the coupon code. It also help me gain points on my mileage. I am glad that I did not use my Victoria’s Secret credit card. I use my PayPal card. I earned money from my journal recently.

How about you? Do you shop Victoria’s Secret? Do you shop online or in the store?

I will link this entry to #144 of 365 blog photo challenge.

3 Replies to “Purchase a Tropical Palm bra from Victoria’ Secret”

  1. aguy ka mahal sa bra. i like bra like this because it looks unique. i mean not all the time girls wear this design of bra. I just bought undies and bras at maiden, tagaktak akong 70, pag abot sa bra nakuwangan akong utos ky ang isa perting dakua sa size, pwedi pang luboortt

  2. I don’t shop for bras that often at VS; they’re too expensive. I love their panties, though. And their body lotions. And yes, I prefer shopping online kay ang store namo diri tua sa pikas syudad, we still have to drive 30 minutes to go there. Maayo pa online.

    BPC hop!

  3. wow ka nice ani mommy jess oi. wala dyud koy shopping shopping dira sa VS, mahalan man gud ko ba. hehe… anyway, nindot dyud kaau ilang mga bra ba no?

    thanks for joining BPC!

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