I bought myself a swimsuit

A journal friend of mine shared the Website for the swimsuit. The Website is having a sale online. I check it out and order myself this swimsuit. I am looking for a black swimsuit but it is not available. I order this color instead. It is also free shipping. The swimsuit is very affordable. 

 photo pinkswimsuit.jpg
The shipping took awhile and I am not happy about. I love the material of the swimsuit. It looks durable. I tried the swimsuit. It took me awhile to figure out how to wear it.

 photo swimsuitA-1.jpg
It has a criss cross style. Unfortunately, I do not like the way I look. I always wear two piece which I am comfortable wearing. This is my first time to wear a one piece swimsuit. I need to lose some weight for me to feel comfortable wearing this swimsuit. I will keep it for now.

How about you? Do you like to wear a one piece or two piece swimsuit? I am linking this entry to #121 of 365 blog photo challenge.

4 Replies to “I bought myself a swimsuit”

  1. ing ani na style sa swim suit dili pud ko angayan mommy Jess. mu butete man akong tiyan lol. pero naay 1piece na ganahan ko kananang naay pleats sa tunga kay matago ang akong ga burot na tiyan. pero pag ing ani na hapsay gani sa front.. mulakra pati pusod. im sure masuot na nimo one of this days.

    thanks for joining BPC!

  2. I like the color but I can’t dare to wear all pink. I like to wear swim suit where I can hide my stretch marks hehehe I’m not comfortable to wearing like that or a 2 piece. I have a mini skirt that has a mini shorts inside and I pair it with a shirt that has a tiny sleeve cap. It’s also made of nylon which is the fabric that most swim suits are made of. I’ve been using it in swimming at the ymca pool and so far they approved it. I like the color black as it hide the shape of my tummy. 🙂

  3. That’s a cute and lady-like swimsuit Momi Jess, but no, it is not for me! Lol. I never wear one or two-piece as I am not comfortable wearing one. Taga-bukid man gud ko oi. Hehehe.

    BPC late hopping! 🙂

  4. that is a very pretty color momi jess. im sure u can’t wait to wear it in your pool. happy summer! shorts ra jud ako ma afford ug sul ob basta mag swimming hahaha! or sayal hahaha, kalooy! can’t pull off the swimsuit and two piece man gud. 🙂

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