Preparing and drinking coffee is very much easy now

We had the water filter installed couple of weeks ago. It comes with free three big water jars. The family can drink cold water constantly. We do have water outside the refrigerator too. It has also a hot water that has a safety lock where my husband and I can our the hot water. 

 photo waterfilter.jpg

I am happy that my husband bought an instant Folger’s coffee. I have never tired drinking coffee since I live in the Philippines. This will help me prepare and drink my coffee so easily. I need a cup of coffee to start my day. This is so much easier than brewing coffee in the coffee maker. You do not need to wait few minutes to finish brewing before you can drink coffee.

 photo instantcoffee.jpg

I am glad that the husband bought this water filter and Folger’s instant coffee. Waking up in the morning is something that I am always looking forward too.

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