I made it to church last Sunday

Growing up in the Philippines, I love to go to church with my Mom. The church is only walking distance from where we live. Sometimes I go to church by myself of with my cousins. My week is not complete without hearing the words of God. 

Now that I am a Mom of two kids, I want my kids to go to church too. It is easy to bring them with church with me when they were babies. Now is always a constant battle. I hate to do that with my kids. I want them to go to church with me with open mind and hearts and listen to the words of God.

 photo preparingforchurch.jpg

I ask my little girl to go to church with me. I prepare her dress but she was crying in the kitchen. She is telling her Daddy that she does not want to go with me. It breaks my heart. I just go to church by myself. I do enjoy my time but would be awesome if I bring my kids with me as well . I ask my son to take a picture of me before going to church.

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  1. We go to church all together, if our kids are hesitant to go, we just don’t go at all. Sometimes it helps if you explain to them the importance of attending masses. My kids seldom objects in going to church though…

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