The breakfast foods that my son wants to eat

Raising my half Filipino half American kids are always fun and exciting. These kids have two cultures that I am glad that they appreciate. It might be in food or language. They are eager to learn and appreciate both sides of me and my husband’s cultures. 

One thing about being a Filipino likes to eat rice. We cannot live without eating rice. It does not matter what part of meal it is, rice is always on the table. Breakfast is very important to my family. We never leave the house without eating breakfast. It seldom happens that we eat breakfast outside.

I do not have rice with me that morning. I made my son pancakes, fried eggs, links sausage and banana with an orange juice.

 photo dislikinghisbreakfast.jpg
He was not happy about it. You can see it in the picture. All he wants to eat is rice, egg and noodles. I told him to wait and I will cook the rice for him. It will take me bout 20 minutes to cook the rice at least. I usually put some mat on the counter but I was in hurry to serve him his breakfast. I usually fried the egg too but this time I mix it with the noodles.

 photo likingthefood.jpg
Look how happy my son is, can you tell the difference? This kid loves Filipino breakfast.

How about your kids? What do they eat during breakfast?

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