The curious little girl

It was a very busy day for the kids and I yesterday. There are many driving errands happened that day. We went to McDonald’s for breakfast. We went to Kohl’s to buy a gift for the little girl’s friend that will have a party this weekend. We also went to Victoria’s Secret my favorite store. We went grocery afterwards. 

We left home for three hours. When we got home it was afternoon already. I put all the groceries away. I cleaned the house afterwards. The husband came home from his training at work. I prepared dinner. We had the pork with beans, rice and salad that night.

 photo thecuriouslittlegirl.jpg

I was preparing for dinner and I am in the kitchen sink. I did not know that the little girl is playing with my Victoria’s Secret shopping bag. I put it on the table for the mean time while cleaning. She did open the shopping bag. She tries my bra, and the husband is very surprised as well. I cannot heard them clearly. She also open my flip-flops and wear it. She went to the kitchen and showed me this.

She is a very curious little girl of mine. I told her to wait and will take a picture of her right in the kitchen. What do you think of her picture? Will you laugh or you have to scold her? Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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