Ice skating at the pond for the first time

Finally the pond is frozen this year. We did not go ice skating last year as the pond did not freeze. This year we are very lucky that we get to enjoy the pond more. The family shovel the pond the other day before we go ice skating the next day. The husband cannot ride his ATV to clean the snow on the pond. It is not safe yet. We shovel just around the corner of the pond to help it freeze better the next day and it did freeze.

The family went ice skating. The father and kids had a wonderful time ice skating. They also play hockey at the pond. I will focus my topic on my little girl in this post. She is wearing red set of coat and snow pants. This was his brother when he was seven years old. I am glad that I keep it so she can use it. It is a combination of red and black and I thought that she can wear them too.

I love the first picture. She took of her hat as she is very warm from ice skating. I took a focus picture. I do not know but I find this picture very beautiful. I love her dark hair and the lose teeth makes her even more beautiful. I also like the 2nd picture of her holding the hockey stick. She is one goofy girl of ours that is why we love her to pieces. The third picture is just her ice skating. I try to take a picture of the pond but you cannot cover the area.

What about your kids or grand kids? Do they like to go ice skating? I am linking this entry to Ruby Tuesday and 27th day of blog photo challenge. .

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