Received a free Folger’s coffee sample

I love to drink coffee especially in the morning. All I need is just a cup of coffee, and it will make my day complete. I have been drinking the same brand of coffee since I came here in America. I love Folger’s coffee. The smell of the aroma while brewing is just delicious. You cannot wait for the coffee maker to stop brewing and pour a cup for yourself. 

I am happy that I see a free sample of Folger’s in my Facebook feeds. I have to request one. My sample came yesterday. I just try it today. I love this free sample because it has not have a strong taste to it. It is in medium roast. It is in traditional blend. I only use one scoop for myself. I save the rest for my husband. The free trial size sample is enough to make half of the pot which is right. I count it and you can make six scoop. I want to say thank you to Folger’s for sending me the sample. You always make costume proud like me. I will continue to support their product.

What about you? Do you drink coffee? What is your favorite coffee brand to drink? I am linking this entry to the 26th day of blog photo challenge.

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