Day 7- The biggest impact

This is hard one for me. It takes me awhile to think on what ideas to write. I am glad that finally I set one on this thing. I plan to write a person and then change my mind.

I am so independent when I was in the Philippines. I can do whatever I want though I still live in my parent’s house. I abide by their rules. Life over in the Philippines is very convenient. You can go wherever you want. You do not need a vehicle. There are many public transportations that you can hire like a taxi or jeepney to name a few. You can hire a tricycle. You can even walk to go to church, school or public market.

Life changes when I live in America by myself. I miss my life in the Philippines so badly especially living away from my parents that time. You have to do everything here by yourself. I learn to be more independent except that I cannot go anywhere without my husband goes with me or dropping me at the store. Learning how to drive is a priority. There is a bus station but still very far from where I live.

I took my driving learner’s permit and passed the test with flying colors. I study my driving manual book. I should have by driver license early. I am so stubborn that it took me awhile to pass my road test. Learning how to drive with your husband teaching you is a big mistake. There are many constant arguing while you are learning which makes me more uneasy to learn how to drive. I finally enrolled in a driving class. It does not help much knowing that your driving instructor is a Grandma who has no patience to teach you.

I took my road test and failed twice. It sucks big time. You have no idea how hurtful it is. Finally, I have to face my fear when I my little girl will go to school in Pre-K. My husband told me that the only way our little girl can go to school is when I pass my road test. I have to enroll myself again in the driving class to get a certificate which is required by the New York state before you will take your road test. I also took my learner’s permit and passed with flying colors. The day before I take my road test that weekend, my husband and kids were with me in the car while learning to drive. My husband took me to the road where I will take my road test. We practice how to stop on the stop sign. We practice how to park parallel. This time with the determination I have and my husband constant insulting while I am driving. I swallow my pride. Finally on the day of my road test, we left the house early. We still practice on the road where I will take my road test doing the same pattern. I was nervous when the instructor sits on the front sit next to me on my road test. I take a deep breath and say my prayers to GOD guide me while taking my road test. I missed some turns. The instructor asks me again to take a right turn. She asks me to park parallel. My road test is over for at least ten minutes. The instructor advises me with my mistakes. I was listening to her and surprisingly take a peek on her paper and I see the P sign next to my name. She gave me my temporary driving license. It is like a receipt. She told me I passed my road test. I still cannot believe that finally I did it. My husband then came with our kids and asked the instructor how I did. The instructor then said that I passed my road test. Finally our little girl can go to school.

I would say the biggest impact for me is passing my road test. I would link this entry to the 7th day of blog challenge. Today’s task is your biggest impact. What about you what is the biggest impact in your life?

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