Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

I love to watch a movie when I was young. I remember I was seven years old the first time I was in the movie theater. I watch a movie with my eldest sister. I cried because the movie theater is dark. My eldest sister brings me outside for a minute and went back inside because I understand that is it only in the movie theater that is dark but not outside.

I love to watch a movie since then. I usually watch a romantic or love story movie back in my teenager years. I also love to watch American movie. I love to watch action but not much of fiction movies.

PhotobucketI have my favorite actresses like Nanette Medved and Anjanette Abayari who plays Superwoman or Darna. I love these women who played Darna. They are both sexy and very talented as well.

PhotobucketI even have an autograph picture of Anjanette Abayari which she sent me through regular mail. How I wish that they are real. I am sure that there is no crime particularly in the Philippines. They will stop all the bad guys from hurting everybody especially women.

I consider Darna or Superwoman as my favorite super hero. I am linking this entry to 6th day of blog challenge. What about you? Who is your super hero?

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