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Today is the 2nd day of blog challenge. Today’s task is about your blogger name. I remember I have my journal long time ago. All I know is that I can write or create story and that was about it. I have my first journal here. I always go with the name JESS or JESSY in most of my journals. My first journal is ADVENTUROUSJESSY in blogger. There is a JESSY on the last, right? I also have JESSYSADVENTURE, SIMPLYJESS, HOMECOOKINGWITHJESSY, E-NEWSWITHJESSY, SPORTYJESS and finally this journal which has my name and my last name JESSICACASSIDY.

I have no clue that you can make money by writing. I am thankful to a former friend of mine that helps me introduce a friend who happens to live in my same home town now who lives in Florida. I want to say thank you to Miss A for helping me start my journal.

I know that I do not make a lot of money but it does help my family back in the Philippines I do not need to ask for my husband’s money to help them. I am happy that I can also buy stuff for my kids and my family and sometimes treat them in the restaurant.

There you go, if you happen to stumble on JESS OR JESSY in a journal and that is mostly me. What about you? What is your blogger name? I cannot wait to get to know your journal as well.

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