Burn baby burn

No! I am not talking about fire. I am talking about the calories. Today I started to work out with Cheryl Burke’s Disco Abs work out DVD. It is a 30 minutes work out. It was not easy working out. I have not done it for a long time. My body starts to get itchy after few minutes of warming up. I never quit until I finished the 30 minutes work out. I find myself starts to get sweat which is I am very happy about.

I love all the dance music in the work out. My favorite line is “burn baby burn”. I need to buy myself a yoga pants to help me comfortable while working out. I have a working out top that I got as a product review which is very helpful. Please wish me luck my online friends. I hope that I can continue working out. I really wanted to lose some fats on my stomach.

It was a tiring work out but very fulfilling for me. I am sure that I will get sore as I continue this work out. Please bring on the pain and I will challenge myself for that. I know that I can tolerate pain. It is my middle name. No I am just kidding. They say no pain no win, right?

I also eat the oatmeal for the first time that I received in the mail. I cannot believe that it did fill me up. I want to buy a can for myself. It has peanuts and peach that is mix with the oatmeal. I love rice and hope that this will help me stay healthy.

I am linking this to my 2nd day of joining the blog challenge.

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