Do you have any New Year’s resolution?

Yesterday, we celebrated the New Year here in America. I was sleeping and my kids wake me up by blowing their horns. It was a perfect timing before the New Year 2013 arrives. It is just me and my kids waiting for the New Year 2013 on TV. My husband sleeps early.

How was your New Years Day celebration? Did you celebrate it with your family or friends? I celebrated my New Year with my family. The kids were very excited for the New Year. They were both sleeping last year. Last night, they were waiting for the New Year with so much excitement. I hope that our New Year is full of excitement like my kids.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? I do have a New Years resolution for myself. I want to lose some pounds especially on my stomach. I know that I look skinny but honestly my stomach bothers me. I used to work out but stop. The silliness strikes on me. I have work out DVD’s that I bought for myself. I will start working out again with this Cheryl Burke Disco Abs. I really love working out at the same time dancing.

I will link this entry to the 1st day of blog photo challenge. I want to say thank you Mommy Recel for hosting this month’s blog photo challenge.

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