Welcome to my 12th journal

I am privilege to get my own name domain from Mommy Nita. She is giving three free domains that day. I was lucky that I was online. I want to say thank you so very much Mommy Nita for giving me a free domain. Actually, this is the third time that I got free domains from her. She is indeed has a heart of gold. She is very helpful too. As a new blogger, she is willing to answer and help you with your journal.

This is my 12th journal. I cannot believe I have many journals to write. I hope that I can update this with the rest of my journal. What is this new journal all about? I want to focus topics about being a woman. This is a general journal where I can express my thoughts and opinions about being a woman.

I hope that like my other 11 journal, you will support and visit this journal as well. This journal is very special. I have planned to get my own name domain. My problem is that I do not know what to write or focus writing in the journal. I can finally have my own name journal at the same time; I know what to topic to write.